Filling Machines And Their Working Principles

Filling machines are a type of packing machinery that is used to package various materials such as liquids, gases, pastes, and powders. Filling machines are classified as liquid filling machines, gas filling machines, paste filling machines, and powder filling machines, depending on the filling substance.

It can be classified as an automatic filling machine, a semi-automatic filling machine, or a completely automatic filling machine, depending on the level of automation. With the rise in domestic labor costs, full automation of automatic filling equipment will become increasingly important.

Filling machine working principles:

When filling different materials, the working principles and filling modes differ. We primarily cover the basics of operation for liquid, gas, and paste filling machines.

1. Liquid filling machine principles of operation:

Liquid filling machines are classified into three types based on the filling pressure: standard pressure liquid filling machine, vacuum liquid filling machine, and pressure liquid filling machine. Ordinary pressure liquid filling machines use gravity-flowing filling, which is based on the liquid’s own weight.

The viscosity and gas-bearing properties of the liquid should be subjected to more stringent criteria. Grape wine and milk make up the majority of the filling.

PET Filler

When the pressure of the bottle is below atmospheric pressure, the vacuum liquid filling machine starts working. Such types of filler machine is probably used for high viscosity liquids because of its simple structure and great efficiency.

The whole part is divided into two components. The first is equal air pressure filling, in which the liquid flows into the bottle based on its own weight when the liquid reservoir’s pressure is equal to the bottle’s.

Another method is high-pressure filling, in which liquid flows into the bottle due to a pressure difference when the liquid reservoir’s pressure is higher than the bottle’s.

2. Principles of operation of gas filling machines

The concept of operation for gas filling machines is relatively simple: they fill gas directly using a booster pump, similar to how pressure liquid filling machines function. Natural gas, coal gas, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide are the principal filling materials.

3. Paste filling machine fundamentals of operation To measure, the paste filling machine uses a volumetric method, which involves adjusting the plunger volume to provide filling quantity control. The piston’s reciprocating movement allows for quick filling. The equipment has a high filling efficiency and is simple to maintain.