Silent Features

  • Tunnel pasteurizers from SMT are made-to-order for smooth integration into your production method. They’re massive chambers or shelves made-up from stainless-steel, returning in a very range of sizes and dimensions with technical specs to fit the unique fashion of meals or liquid they’re designed to treat.

    Businesses that package deal expendable products in glass jars, bottles, or cans use tunnel pasteurization to growth product protection and lengthen essential measure. Tunnel Pasteurizers from clever Machine Technologies are made-to-order to fit the wishes of our shoppers.

    From building, designing, or putting in place tunnel pasteurizers for little and big corporations, our machines are designed with strength, duty and excessive hygiene standards.

    Benefits of Tunnel Pasteurization:

    • Kills organisms & infective microorganism like real bacteria, E. Coli and moneran.

    • Halts the expansion of yeast & reduces the spread of diseases

    • Preserves freshness & complements essential measure


    Efficient & powerful method of preserving products secure for consumption