Silent Features

  • Marlett, MCC, Rexnord has all plastic molded parts, chains, and bearing with housings
  • Jindal provides chrome steel 304 with Sticker Coated Mat Finish to reinforce the general aesthetic appeal of the road
  • Modular design makes it easy to quickly and simply assemble on-site.
  • Air/Chain’s new conveyors feature the most recent square pipe Rigid Cross Structure Truss member. It has multiple rows and might support heavy loads
  • The Filler acts because of the master and controls the automation of the entire line. The road uses many sensors to work out the bottle’s linear speed. These sensors may be programmed to optimize line efficiency by an in-house programming team.
  • Our Air conveyors are often equipped with multiple Heppa filter options to fulfill extremely high hygiene standards
  • Use world-class manufacturers’ electrical components, including Exor, Telemecanique. Danfoss and Pheonix wires, Rittal panels & A/C.
  • There are multiple slat conveyors and pressure-less combiners available.
  • Layouts can even be designed to maximize performance, with enough buffer time and high efficiency.

Conveyors for air

Conveyors for air

This unique design of the air conveyor is because the bottle is pulled by small multiple louvers. The Louvers are designed to make sure that no air is allowed to enter the bottle’s mouth from high air coming in from several blowers above the section of the air conveyor. Neck guidelines are imported from MCC. They need a long service life. Bottles may be directly taken from the blowing machine and pushed into the conveyor. Air conveyors may be mounted on the bottom or suspended from the ceiling. This protects valuable ground space. You’ll be able to set the guides remotely, looking at the scale of your bottle.

Chain/Case Carton Conveyors

Chain Case Carton Conveyors

Bottle Chain conveyors are extremely modular and may handle both glass and plastic bottles. These conveyors are available in 128 rows. Pressureless Combiner, which might combine multiple row bottles seamlessly into one line, can prevent any bottle scuffing. These conveyors are designed to fulfill automation standards. Crate/Carton conveyors are available in a range of forms, including a roller or slat Stainless-steel chain. These can carry empty cases to the godown, and then return filled cases to the godown.