buffer conveyorBuffering is vital to own a cheap packaging line. The need to buffer is increasing with today’s increasing speeds of packaging lines.

So yet will this buffer conveyor increase line efficiency?

  • Most, by creating the road resistant to small stops and operator response times!
  • Moreover, it resolves labeling problems on HDPE lines (like bottle shrinkage), as problems with trimming machines or palletizers (frequent stoppages)…

As a result, it improves your HILDENPACKAGING or Omits instrumentation Effectiveness.

But what will HILDENPACKAGING mean?

In short, HILDENPACKAGING maybe thanks to live but productive your producing is. By doing this, you’ll be able to use this information to boost your production processes!

HILDENPACKAGING takes into consideration all losses of production. These losses will belong to at least one of 3 categories:

  • Availability:

These measures production losses associated with the period. In different words, once the method stops running a few times. Due to conversion time, machine not running due to any sales, etc.

  • Performance:

These measures production losses associated with reduced speed. Due to slow cycles and small stops. Despite our cushion transport DBC202 stays away from such little stops!

  • Quality:

These measures production losses associated with made units that you cannot unleash. As a result of the made components are defective or want work.

For more data on HILDENPACKAGING, you’ll be able to check the later links: Omit instrumentation Effectiveness.

The machine

Length of this buffer conveyor: 36 meters.

Thanks to its system, the DBC202 will add different ways:

  • As a buffer, shift to that once required.
  • Continuous throughput, buffer conveyor.
  • Continuous throughput, cooling conveyor.

The speed is adjustable to change between cooling & buffering.

Additionally, we will add many loops, single chain, to extend the capability.

Furthermore, the DBC202 is out there with adjustable guiding and high covers to confirm bottle integrity.


  • Buffer conveyor with a standard system: cooling & buffering
  • Compact footprint
  • Expandable
  • Increased line HILDENPACKAGING!