If you are attending to bottle washer, barrels, tanks, or containers, our bottle washing machine will do the obligation. Would like a bottle washing machine for a non-well-known job? Our engineering group can fashion a made-to-order development gadget to meet your wants.

Every gadget we tend to construct is examined for max performance and carries changeable baskets. That rectangular degree designed to shape a variety of bottle or instrumentality sizes including:


Bridge-spouted vessels





Pitchers (containers)

Siphon seltzer bottles

Sigg bottles

Canteens (bottles)

Metal bottles

Double spout and bridge vessels

Bologna bottles



Sipper water bottles


Built via way of means of a pacesetter in the area of financial Bottle & Growlers washers

Machines designed to commercial standards

Machines designed to last (for hundreds of obligation cycles)

User-pleasant computerized panel

Low water consumption

Capable of laundry 450 to 600+ bottles/hour (based on available facility and bottle size)

2 gal. 5-kilowatt insulated dilemma booster for 190°F+ rinse

Electrical necessities

208-240 V, sixty Hz–30 amps (version MFW300-U–2 kWh strength consumption)

220-250 V, fifty Hz–30 amps (version MFW300-E–2 kWh strength consumption)

CSA Approved