Hilden Packaging is Best Manufacturer of Pet Filler Machines. Our range of products also comprises the following: heat Shrink Tunnel Machine, Shrink Tunnel Machine and Shrink Tunnel Heavy Durable.

Semi-automatic machines that can handle all types of powders, granular, and pastes. Accessories for filling are selected based on the characteristics of the product, it’s their weight, weight, and size of the container.

NO. MODEL FILL-FIZZ (Carbonated Bev.)
  R/F/C 200 ml 500 ml 600 ml 1500 ml 2000 ml
1 12/12/4 70 45 60 22 18
2 16/16/6 90 55 70 25 22
3 20/20/6 120 70 80 35 25
4 24/24/8 140 85 90 40 30
5 24/30/8 180 130 120 60 40
6 30/30/10 200 140 130 70 45
7 40/40/10 240 175 175 90 70
8 40/50/12 300 240 225 120 90
9 40/60/14 400 300 280 150 130
10 50/70/14 450 400 325 175 150
11 60/80/20 500 425 350 190 180


Inside of bottles are Rinsed by spraying water or air or both in the rinser Nozzle. Empty bottles are transferred into the rotary rinsing section by an inlet neck guide. The bottles are held from their neck and turned upside down by grippers along their axis. After spraying operation, the bottles continue to move upside down for a while to drain the rinsing water out and then turned back to the upright position. The nozzles have “No Bottle – No Spray System” activated only by the presence of bottles by means of an infeed sensor.


The filling operation is carried out by CO pressure ,by means of the latest state of the 2 art ULTRA VALVE (mechanical valve) which has a dual snift, one for pre-evacuation or flushing before filling the bottle, the other sift is for bottle head space sifting. This valve has complete CIP features. This valve fills at a very high speed due to the positive lift mechanism. An option of Flow meter along with a pneumatic actuator valve (electronic filling valve) for extremely accurate fill can be the latest option.

FILLING OF BEER : Double pre-evacuation system is implemented for beer filling applications. it is used to reduce the amount of the air remaining in the bottle after filling. This treatment eliminates foaming during filling and prevents oxidation of product in the mark increasing shelf life of the product.


Different capping heads can be installed on the mono block machine to apply plastic screw caps, aluminum caps and metal crown corks. Two types of caps can be applied on the same machine in order to have capability to apply different closures.