Packaging Air Conveyor by Hilden Packaging

All Plastic molded parts, chains, and Bearing with Housings area unit from Marlett, MCC, Rexnord.

  • Finest tools and experience for air conveyor production
  • End-to-end innovative merchandise for improved usability
  • Continuous improvement and upgrading of techniques and methodologies
  • Cost-effective merchandise in a very cost-sensitive market
  • Latest and established technologies used for premium air knife producing
  • Packaging Air Conveyor

Our Packaging Air Conveyor merchandise use innovative compressed gas technologies to boost productivity. Increase instrumentation potency and deliver enclosure and spot cooling, conveying, and blow-off.

Hilden packaging the simplest of quality Air Conveyors to its customers, moreover as. With progressive machines and cheap facilities, we offer our customers with well factory-made, added Air conveyance system. We tend to take into thought the expectations and merchandise necessities. Our purchasers so on supplying them solutions that work their wants.

The Air Conveyor uses compressed gas to maneuver things or media! The compressed gas is injected into the Air Conveyor employing a regular NPT fitting. This creates a vacuum-like result at one finish and a high output flow at the opposite. The Air Conveyor system will move a wide range of solids in gigantic volumes over great distances, all with no moving components. This gas conveyance system is obtainable up to 3″ (76mm) in size.

Our Air Conveyor could be quick, cheap thanks to conveying plastic pellets, chips, sawdust, shavings, food merchandise, bulk solids, scrap trim, textiles, granules, minor elements, then abundant more! There is a unit four kinds of criteria to appear for once choosing a correct model. The diameter of the pieces being sent, the speed (weight or volume), the fabric of the Air Conveyors (stainless steel or aluminum). Thus the diameter of the hose and tube that’s used. Below could be a fast comparison chart of what we provide.